Curiosity inducer, curator and collaborator in alternative learning. A staunch proponent of learning through visual and experiential learning. Involved in training and facilitation . An avid proponent of appropriate financial advice and financial awareness.

I have twenty three years of work experience across various functions …… Financial Advisory , Sales,Research, Marketing, Product management, Channel managment and Investments. Strategic and leadership roles in team building, sales planning and  execution functions .

I am actively  involved in financial literacy and functional training . Content delivery in unique participatory workshop mode sans powerpoint . My goal is to provide context to information and data giving learners a framework to understand complex subjects…….Simplify to help syntesize.

Doting father to three loving  girls and husband to an ever tolerant spouse .

An amateur cartoonist and visual thinker , I use this site as a diary to convert my thoughts into ideasketches through metaphors. It is a way to crystallize my ideas and invite comments and feedback .

All views and opinions are my own and are in no way connected to my employer.